What foods increase potency? Main list

honey to increase potency

The phrase "supreme pleasure" is associated with quality sex and fine dining. Do you know that one can go well with the other?

If you decide to plan a romantic date, you should start with some delicious food. Today you will find out which foods increase potency. They should always be on your table.

If for some reason problems in terms of "male power" began to appear, then this should be seriously thought about and some steps should be taken to correct the situation.

Now medicine in its arsenal has a large number of pharmacological agents for male potency. This, of course, is great, but don't forget that there are also natural products that help improve a man's potency.

Longing for life

Each of us knows what aphrodisiacs are. They are considered the "favorites" of food. The Chinese have always been the most fond of spices and seafood. In ancient Egypt, garlic was commonly chosen. This amazing product improves blood circulation.

In France, there is a custom for newlyweds to eat at least three dishes of asparagus before their first night. Slavic aphrodisiacs include eggs and sour cream.

Passion hormones

Aphrodisiacs are said to be divided into males and females. But the vast majority of them have a positive impact on partners. After all, they contain vitamins A and E. These substances contribute to the production of sex hormones. Without them, high-quality sexual intercourse simply cannot be. You should also provide your body with boron, chromium and zinc. After all, they are energizing.

Bananas must be included in your diet. They are rich in potassium. These splendid fruits are able to donate the "passion hormone".

You shouldn't forget the mango either. It was used by the Aztecs, as they knew it increases libido. Most of us love avocados. Contains a sufficient amount of fatty acids. They have a beneficial effect on reproductive functions.

As for the melon, it is worth saying that it increases sexual appetite, because it has an extraordinary taste. If you want to increase libido, you should also consume citrus fruits. They are great for invigorating your mood. As for the artichoke, it supplies oxygen to the genitals.

More on the gifts of the water element

If you are interested in which foods increase potency, pay attention to seafood. If regularly

We recommend that you make yourself a seaweed salad at least once in a while. Recall that it is saturated with manganese, iodine and zinc. These substances have a beneficial effect on the hormonal background.

"Honey, what to cook? "

If you want to help your loved one improve potency, it is recommended that you listen to what American experts recommend. It's great if there are mushrooms on your table. If your chosen one consumes them along with seafood, his libido will improve significantly. When creating the dishes, be sure to use olive oil. Enhance the flavor of food. Recall that the vitamin E contained in it has a positive effect on well-being in general.

During the preparation of the culinary "masterpiece" you will need spices. For example cloves, curry, rosemary, etc. Don't forget to use honey too. It is considered the true food of the gods, which gives strength. Use it when making treats.

When are tablets needed?

It happens that there is no time for a long process of improving erectile function, because an appointment is already scheduled for the evening! What to do in this case? You shouldn't despair, because there is an opportunity to buy pills and get real pleasure from sex!