G-spot in men: where it is and methods to stimulate it

Many men (and sometimes women who do not even have theoretical knowledge about sex) are concerned about the question: where is the mysterious G-spot? How to stimulate it, where to look? How to massage the G-spot? Let's talk!

where is the g-spot in men

Where is the G-spot

The G-spot exists in every woman's body, so you shouldn't talk confidently about your partner's frigidity if you can't find the right stimulation technique. Where is the G-spot? On the front wall of the vagina, at a distance of about five centimeters from the entrance.

But the diameter of the G-spot itself is no more than a few millimeters, but even this is enough to give a woman truly unearthly pleasure (if you know how to do it). G-spot stimulation during caresses or intercourse is almost the only guarantee of an orgasm.

At the same time, the rest, most of the vagina does not react at all to the movement of the penis inside.

It's too early to be disappointed in yourself, considering yourself an anorgasmic woman, just because the partner cannot give pleasure. There are no naturally frigid women, there are simply insufficiently qualified men, or simply psychological rigidity, fear and elementary rigidity. Sometimes you just need to relax and really start having fun, nothing else is needed.

G-spot massage

How to massage the G-spot? If both partners have little experience in this matter, you should prepare a little.

First, the girl must definitely go to the toilet and get rid of the contents of the bladder, because the stimulation of the G-spot can cause a strong desire to rush there in the first seconds.

However, this passes quickly and some unpleasant sensations are replaced by unreal excitement.

A man should not immediately rush out of the club and storm the necessary rampart, a body unprepared for intimate caresses may not react properly. It is important to relax the partner before the start of caresses, tune in to the right way, excite sensual reactions. The erotic massage of the back, buttocks and thighs is perfect for this purpose.

How to find the G-spot when the girl is ready to continue? Insert a finger or two into the vagina and move about two to two inches, gliding along the anterior wall (which is closest to the pubis). The girl herself must tell the guy exactly where she feels a special feeling.

You can supplement the G-spot massage with a light and gentle stimulation of the clitoris: the partner will get a faster and clearer orgasm.

Do men have G-spots?

Yes, the G-spot exists in men, it is located directly on the prostate gland. Some men are happy to expose their butt to their partner, knowing what crazy pleasure stimulation of the G-spot, located "inside", can provide.

Some are categorically shy of such caresses. The only requirement for a partner is the minimum length of nails and very well-groomed edges, because this sensitive area is very easy to damage.

If everything is done correctly, men get an incomparable orgasm from G-spot stimulation.

how to find the g-spot in men

9 facts about the male orgasm, or the G-spot in men

male orgasm when stimulating the ji point

If onefemale orgasm- this is a riddle and an irrational equation, so the male one is rather a collection of funny anecdotes and funny statistics. On which today we open our eyes.

problems in family life due to lack of sex

It takes a man two to five minutes to reach orgasm. Women - about 15 minutes. Now we know where the legs of all the evil in the world grow from!

How many centimeters?

During intercourse you produce about 10 cubic centimeters of sperm. Thus, in his entire life, the average man emits so much semen that he can fill a five-liter jar 13 times. How much it will be in terms of cubic centimeters, consider for yourself.

Men have a G-spot too

Three, to be exact. First G (ji) point: frenulum of the penis, perineum (the area between the testicles and the anus), and the prostate gland. Just don't tell your partner or he will start looking for them. By the way, the G-spot is also named after a man - Dr. Ernst Grafenberg.

Turn up the volume!

the woman's orgasm

Your orgasm depends more on your partner's vocal data. It doesn't need to be a debut feature at all, everything is simpler: the more sounds a woman makes during sex, the more your chances of getting pleasure increase. Studies have shown: with a screaming partner, a man will experience an orgasm in 59% of cases, with a silent one - in 2%.

Faster, even faster

The average speed of sperm during ejaculation is 12 meters per second. This surpasses the running speeds of the world's best athletes.

Even the dead are men

stimulation of nerve impulses to reach orgasm

To experience an orgasm, a man needs stimulation of the sacral nerves in the spine. If they get enough oxygen and pulses, the corpse will practically come to life. However, this is by no means a guide to action.

Men can experience multiple orgasms in a row

There are also disadvantages here: for this you need to practice for a while and the orgasms are "dry" (that is, without the release of sperm). To learn this technique, you must be able to control your ejaculation and learn some simple exercises.

Why do you want to sleep after sex?

why do you want to sleep after sex

During orgasm, the hormone oxytocin enters the bloodstream. The male body absorbs it faster - in about five minutes. The female body needs about half an hour. In both sexes, this causes different reactions - you start to want to sleep, and she - to cuddle and talk. What this leads to, we all know.

Orgasm can cure hiccups

A case has been recorded in London where a man was able to stop chronic hiccups only by sleeping with his wife.

G - point in men for maximum satisfaction:

Probably, there is no such man who would not have heard of the female G-spot. This is a point on the body that can give true happiness. And what can be said about the representatives of the stronger sex? G - point in men, which also leads to an unforgettable orgasm.

A woman should not forget about her during sexual intercourse. G is a point in men, the existence of which every good mistress must take into account.

This erogenous zone is a secret place of the body, the gentle touches of which lead to complete pleasure.

G - point in men on the body, giving pleasure

So, in more detail. Where is the G-spot in men and what is it? It's actually the prostate. That is, G is the point in men, located under the bladder, between the testicles and the anus. You shouldn't be afraid of such anatomical details. All shyness and stiffness are smoothed out, because the partner experiences great pleasure.

g-spot location

adequate stimulation

Knowing where the G-spot is in men is not enough. You must be able to stimulate him correctly. For example, it's best to perform oral sex while standing on top of your partner, with your back to his face. This pose frees your hands.

Therefore, it is very easy to get to your favorite place. At that moment, when the orgasm is already close, you need to start rhythmic pressing on the G-spot. The main thing is not to get off the beat, making a click per second.

The orgasm will be much brighter than ever.

Feelings to the stars

In a word, G is a point in men, inspiring from which you can achieve excellent results. Also, the partner will get incredible sensations if the woman offers him a bold experiment. For example, you can try to get a man to insert a special sex toy into his anus. A bit like anal beads.

Inside they must be during the entire sexual intercourse. In this case, the stimulation should be constant. It will be stronger from within. With the onset of orgasm, the balls must be removed one by one, without losing the rhythm of the partner's movements. The man will be over the moon with happiness.

And the woman will receive the well-deserved title of the chicest mistress.

how to stimulate the g-spot

Myth or reality?

Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist, was the first to state where the G-spot is in men. About sixty years ago, he suggested that in every person's body there is a nerve bundle, the stimulation of which leads to vivid orgasms.

Since then, many have sought out erogenous zones. Recently, however, a serious study has been conducted in London. For this, the scientists collected 900 pairs of twins.

Naturally, the set of genes in twins should be the same. That is, the G-spot must be present or absent for both. But the doctors have not found such a match.

To date, such a study has become the most "scientific" in this area.

ji point of man


But most people are adamant that there is still a hidden G-spot in men. How to find it and how to stimulate it, sexologists tell. And everything is extremely simple.

An important role in a man's orgasm and arousal is played by the prostate. Thanks to its position, it repairs the erection.

And there is an orgasm, as you know, in the form of two successive stages - emission and ejaculation. During emission, the semen-forming fluid is expelled into the so-called mixer - into the prostatic urethra. Prepare to shoot. To facilitate this task, the prostate and other organs expel fluid in a series of contractions.

That is, they work as powerful nozzles. At the same time, fresh sperm enter the combustion chamber through the vas deferens. The prostate is contracted by severe spasms in this phase for two to three seconds. At this moment, the man experiences great pleasure.

This moment is called by sexologists the instant of the inevitability of ejaculation.

The second phase of orgasm is the contraction of the sphincter muscle. The waste routes for the semen to the bladder are cut off. A series of muscle contractions carries the seed to the end.

The male G-spot has a lot in common with the female one. They develop from the same embryonic tissue. Both produce ejaculate. Stimulate the prostate can be external and internal ways.

For internal stimulation, a woman should gently insert a lubricated finger into the anus and press towards the pubis. Your partner will feel a hard, rounded lump the size of a chestnut or walnut.

You have to put pressure on him.

For external stimulation, it is necessary to press the thumb on the perineum. Whether you like the effect is, of course, a personal matter for everyone. Some men experience pleasure only in an excited state. Some feel almost nothing. And some claim that prostate stimulation helps maintain an erection.

By the way, ancient Chinese manuscripts describe a similar technique designed specifically to slow down ejaculation. The only difference is that the man did it himself. He pressed on her perineum before ejaculating with his middle and index fingers for three seconds. Supposedly, this procedure made it possible to delay ejaculation, but not orgasm.

man and woman in bed

In a word, knowing where the male G-spot is is very important for every woman. In this case, she will be able to deliver unforgettable pleasure to her partner.

G-spot in men: where it is and how to stimulate it

If in women this is a point inside the vagina, in men this sensitive area is located between the bladder and the rectum. As a result, you can touch it from the outside or inside.

Options for finding the G-spot:

  • External. It is necessary for the man to be in a position on all fours or lying on his back, raising his legs. In this case, it is necessary to feel for a convex area in the perineal region. The point is between the anus and the scrotum. Try pressing this area with your finger. You will feel a squeeze. This is the dear point.
  • Interior. To do this, you will have to persuade your partner to insert his finger into the anus. A woman should not forget about lubrication. With long and extended nails, it is better not to enter the rectum so as not to scratch your lover. At a depth of 4-5 cm on the wall, which is closest to the stomach, there is a spot. It is necessary to perform light circular movements or pressing. You will feel something like a chestnut or nut.
prostate stimulation in men

G-spot in men: where it is and what it is: location, diagram

The curiosity is that many young people themselves do not know where the G-spot is in men, and some are even completely unaware of its existence.

Although the male genital organ is located outside, the location of the G-spot in boys is very curious: it hides in the depths of the pelvis between the pubic bones and the rectum, where ligaments fix it tightly. This area is the link between a young person's reproductive and urinary systems.

The Ji point is crossed by veins and arteries, closely connected with the vessels that are located directly on the male genital organ. In its shape it resembles a chestnut or nut. This area grows up to 20 years, weighs 20 g and occupies an area of no more than 4 square meters. see Finding it is difficult, as it is located in the upper part of the urethra under the bladder.

It is precisely because of the isolation of the place where the G-spot is located in men that guys doubt whether it is worth studying it.

A stereotype has firmly settled in their heads that only connoisseurs of same-sex love are given access to the anus.

Also, many men are very reluctant to agree to such an experiment, because they are afraid of experiencing unpleasant sensations or simply do not want to discuss them with their partner.

Erotic massage and stimulation of the G-spot in men: options, videos

There are several options for G-spot stimulation in men. Everything described below is for women who are open and not shy. Having performed such manipulations, you will earn the title of the best mistress.

Pacing Options:

  • During sex. The ideal option would be the "rider" pose, when the girl sits on a horse. In this case, you need to sit with your back to your partner. When rubbing, you need to massage the area between the scrotum and anus with your finger. The pressure should be rhythmic, but not strong.
  • The second option involves internal penetration. It can be done with a finger or with toys that can be bought on Aliexpress. To do this, you can massage the anus with your finger, lubricating it with a water-based lubricant. After that, you need to insert your finger and massage the tubercle in a circular motion, which you will feel at a depth of 4-5 cm from the entrance.
  • The third option is to massage the spot during oral sex. You can lick the head, don't forget the testicles and scrotum. You can massage the G-spot with your tongue or fingers. With the simultaneous stimulation of the penis and the G-spot, you can bring a man to orgasm very quickly. You can touch the penis with the palm of your hand and press on the G-spot with your tongue. It is located between the anus and the scrotum. You have to push hard enough.

The main thing is to persuade the partner and convince him that penetration into the anus has nothing to do with non-traditional orientation. Men because of stereotypes refuse pleasure.

Of course, it's easier to massage from the outside, but getting to this point this way is difficult. However, some men may experience pain.

Therefore, the pressure should be rhythmic, but not rough.

The easiest way to do this massage with your fingers. But you can also buy an anal stimulator. For men there are vibrating stimulators. They can be both straight and "herringbone". This is a ball stimulator resembling a Christmas tree, consisting of several balls connected to each other. In this case, the balls can have different diameters.

stimulation of the erogenous zones in men

Options for erotic massage stimulants for men:

  • Massager on the control panel. This is a butt plug with a built-in motor. There are several buttons on the remote control, when they are pressed, the stimulator is activated. A plug is inserted using water lubrication. It is possible to have sex with this stimulant at the same time.
  • Cap with a ring. This is an anal stimulator, which is a double design consisting of a plug and a ring. The ring is put on the penis and the plug is inserted into the anus. During an erection, the member increases and the ring pinches it. This contraction increases sexual arousal.
  • Magical marvel. This device was previously used as a back massager. Later, women started using it to stimulate the clitoris. Now manufacturers offer many options for men. This wand can be used to externally stimulate the area between the scrotum and anus. To do this, the head of the device is applied to a sensitive point and the vibration is activated. You can also purchase nozzles in the form of fingers or ears. They are placed on the head of the device and vibrate when turned on. Such nozzles are used for internal stimulation of the G-spot.
  • You can buy prostate massagers in the Aliexpress catalog here.

Erotic massage and G-spot stimulation for men

Finding a precious place on a lover's body is not enough. It is also important to master the correct stimulation of the G-spot in men.

There are two ways:

  1. External. To do this, lightly press or press on the erogenous zone located in the space between the scrotum and anus. Manipulations are best done with the thumb and forefinger, after lightly rubbing the pressure area. When a man is aroused, the sensitivity of the Ji point increases, so if pressed hard, it is likely to interfere with ejaculation. Move carefully and smoothly. Also, you need to closely monitor the partner's reaction. If it becomes obvious that the process does not give him pleasure, then it is better to immediately stop the procedure.
  2. Interior. This method will give the guy unforgettable and vivid emotions, but many young people disagree, believing that the girl will take it as a manifestation of an unconventional love inclination. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the woman gently inserts her finger into the partner's anus, and then she carefully looks for a small lump and begins to stimulate it. In this case, sudden strong movements should be avoided. Each action should be soft and smooth. To avoid possible injury and damage, hands are lubricated with a special lubricant. It is more convenient for a girl to perform internal stimulation, being in the "rider backwards" position. In this position, her hands remain free, which allows her to freely massage desire G. The amplitude of the pressure must not exceed one movement per second. Thanks to this man, a bright and unforgettable peak of pleasure is provided.

If the partners decided to try the secrets of stimulating the cherished point in a man, then in order to get the most vivid sensations, they need to properly prepare for the process:

  • First you need to prepare the man himself. Ideally, he needs to clean his rectum using an enema or laxative. This will give a more attractive look to the intimate massage.
  • Before finding the G-spot in a man, partners must achieve complete trust, otherwise the young man will not be able to relax, which is why stimulation will not bring any pleasure. On the contrary, it is very likely that the girl's movements only give him unpleasant and painful sensations.
  • The girl needs to prepare her hands: remove a long manicure, make sure that they are tender and soft, otherwise you can inadvertently injure the internal mucous membrane, which will lead to the development of inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Compliance with hygiene rules is rigorous. Wash your hands thoroughly or wear disposable medical gloves. It also does not hurt to use a special lubricant. After stimulation, do not touch the male or female genital organs, as microorganisms remain on the skin that can provoke the development of the inflammatory process.
  • It doesn't hurt to give your partner an erotic massage, starting from the head and ending with the buttocks. This will allow the boy to relax and get the most out of the process of exploring his body.
  • A man must choose the most comfortable position for him. The position on her back is best for this, and the girl is between his legs.
  • The movements should be weak, but rhythmic. You need to continue until the guy feels the brightest orgasm. It is important to observe your partner's reaction.
  • The search for the place where the male G-spot is located should begin shortly before the onset of orgasm. Otherwise, the lady runs the risk of killing the sexual spirit and further discouraging the desire to do so.

How to massage the G-spot

Proper stimulation is light, rhythmic pressure, side-to-side motions, or soft circular manipulations. But don't turn it into a stuck button. The process should be fun and not make the guy squirm on the bed in pain.

G-spot massage in a man can reduce the duration of the refractory phase. After that, the traditional time to restore an erection reduces from 40-60 minutes to almost instantaneous.


The lubricant is a special lubricant, often water-based. When stimulating the male G-spot, there should be a lot of it. A specialized lubricant with lidocaine is best suited. It is used specifically for anal sex.

With the help of the substance, the unpleasant sensations characteristic of such caresses are reduced. But it is worth remembering that the pain reliever begins to act only 10-15 minutes after applying the lubricant, so there is no need to rush.


To cause less discomfort to the partner when inserting a finger into the anus, it should not just be pushed in, but gently and slowly screwed in. Such movements gently separate the skin folds that frame the anus and reduce discomfort. This word should simply be remembered so that the pleasure of stimulation is maximized.

In men, the G-spot is a zone with which stimulation can achieve incredible results. If you get a guy to insert a special sex toy into his anus, the effect will be amazing.

For starters, you can use anal beads. They must be inside during all intimacy. After the onset of orgasm, they should be pulled out one at a time, but not deviate from the rhythm of the guy's movements.

This will bring him fantastic pleasure.

Hands should be washed thoroughly both before and after the procedure to avoid infection with infectious diseases. Furthermore, it should be remembered that when the lady's finger explores the most hidden places of the male body, it is better to keep it away from the genitals due to the very aggressive attitude of the intestinal microflora towards the human genitals.

Some sexologists compare the main male erogenous zone with the female one, because its correct stimulation leads to unforgettable pleasure. Although it is easier to find the G-spot in young men than in girls, the problem lies in its very isolated location. But if the young lady manages to persuade her partner to such a daring experiment, then she is guaranteed the title of a great lover.

Men shouldn't be afraid, let alone reject such an experience. There is nothing shameful about this. This is a natural desire to get maximum pleasure. And a woman will be happy to give her beloved man such sensations that she has never experienced before.